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Manuscript Title:________________________________(Will be addressed as this Manuscript throughout this form)

1. Upon acceptance of the Manuscript, the author, I, hereby transfer and assign to the Global Mental Health E-Journal the copyright to:

    A. Publish the accepted manuscript in print or electronic forms
    B. Provide the accepted manuscript to commercial online databases for electronic storage, reproduction,
      offering their users to read, download, and print
    C. Permit the National Library or other database services to provide accepted manuscripts to their users
    D. Adjust accepted manuscripts in order to fit different format requirements of various database services

2. The author permits the Department of Guidance & Counseling at the National Changhua University of Education can grant the use of this Manuscript to other database services for free or for a cost. If it is for a cost, the money belongs to the National Changhua University of Education.

3. The author adheres to all related ethical guidelines throughout the process of completing this Manuscript. This Manuscript is an original piece of work by the author. The author has the right to transfer its publishing and proprietary rights. There is no plagiarism or violation of copyright. This form is the permission to publish this Manuscript. The author still holds the copy right of this Manuscript.

If the Manuscript is prepared jointly with other authors, the completion of the authorization form for publication requires each author to complete this form separately and makes two copies of each.

By signing this agreement, the author acknowledges the terms and conditions listed above.

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